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Disadvantages Of The Previous Signal Pole

Bad looking

supporting wires

Traffic lights connected to supporting wires often cause traffic accidents due to breakage of traffic lights resulting from strong wind or typhoons and spoil the beauty of the city. 

Maximum instantaneous wind speed 30m/sec

It does not provide enough strength.  

In 2012년 Typhoon Bolaven 

Improved Traffic Light Pole

Endure over maximum instantaneous wind speed 50m/sec

Prevention of safety accidents caused by a typhoon. 
Traffic light without supporting wires for the first time in Korea!

Improved octagonal structure!

urban landscape 


Function : Traffic Signal Pole ( One Way, Two Ways)

Materials : Structural carbon steel pipe (KS standard), structural rolled steel (KS standard), hot dip coating + painting

Size : Circular support (200A ~ 300A × 7M, 8M), octagonal cross member (3M ~ 11M)

In front of local administrative training institute

Simple structure for horizontal bonding

Innovative technology product that enhances the safety and structure through structural analysis of Korea Industrial Technology Testing Center.
Reduces harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide during the production process and provides the better urban environment. 

Previous complicated structure. 

Simple structure. 

The angle can be modified freely. 

'H' shape structure inside provides additional strength. 

Solid integral structure

It is designed as a one-piece structure that the cross section becomes smaller without any joints.

Customization is available. 

Pole fabrication

Horizontal bar fabrication

Zinc cover
and cooling


Powder coating, liquid painting and
Heat drying

Packing and shipping

Octagonal structure

Octagonal structure provides better-supporting strength than circular structure

신호등주 설치 실적 

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