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“Korea’s first wire-free traffic light pole is created
with an octagonal cross member structure.”

The first wireless traffic light pole in Korea with an octagonal cross member structure

With no messenger wire, the product gives an excellent clean urban beauty effect to the city.

It is manufactured using technology first developed in Korea, involving calculations of the wind load for optimal structure and the application of the patented tubular reinforcement structure, resulting in a more secure, robust, and safe structure than those of existing traffic light poles. It is mainly used for new installations and replacing installed products in innovative cities, urban development areas, and local governments. 


cross member

제목 없음-4.jpg

A structure that gradually decreases in diameter


It is the first product in Korea safely designed

with a joint-free integrated structure that decreases in diameter.

 Disadvantages of existing traffic light poles

Existing traffic light poles connected with wires pose a risk of causing traffic accidents and may have its members cut off during typhoons. In addition, indiscriminately installed traffic lights and road name signs blemish the city’s beauty. 

2014-08-11 09;36;14.JPEG

Case of damage because of Typhoon Bolaven in 2012.


Indiscriminately installed messenger wires

Advantages of improved traffic light poles

Korea’s first wire-free traffic light poles

(one-way, two-way, road name sign integrated type,

and CCTV cross member) perfectly address the weaknesses of existing traffic light poles. They can be 
maintained conveniently and help manage road traffic while improving the city’s aesthetics.

A simple method of joining the cross members without using ribs

Made using innovative technology, they enhance the wind pressure safety of the entire post as a result of structural analysis conducted by the Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL). By reducing harmful gases (carbon dioxide) generated in the manufacturing process (welding) and producing efficient products, we provide solutions that help promote a clean urban environment.


Existing traffic light pole rib (complicated structure in terms of aesthetics)

traffic light pole rib

(simple structure)


Angle adjustment function

Manufacturing processes


Manufacturing of the pole

Bending of the cross-mounting apparatus

Packaging and delivery

Treatment after

cooling galvanized materials


Powder and

liquid coating.

Heat drying

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